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Maritime Safety Week – Ladders, Pilots, and Safety

Maritime pilots work hard to ensure shipping reaches our ports without incident. So for Maritime Safety Week 2021, we look at pilot safety and how we can safeguard the workforce.

What’s Freight Transport for in a Post Covid, Post Brexit World?

After twelve months of Brexit, Covid, and an unfortunate incident in the Suez Canal, there is a serious conversation going on as to the future of freight transport. UKMPG Chief Executive Tim Morris offers his perspective on this future and what ports can offer.

Taking Mental Health Seriously

Mental health is far more than a modern day catchphrase. As ports embrace digitalisation, mental health will become ever more important to the success of a business.

Earth Day 2021: Sustainability for All

As an island nation, the UK’s ports have traditionally acted not only as the predominant hubs for trade but our windows onto the world. This is as true today as it has ever been. However, the industry now faces the same existential crisis threatening us all – climate change.