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Your Brown Cardboard Envelope, Suez, and the Mighty Machine of Global Trade

It would be nearly 11,900 nautical miles sailing distance from Shanghai, the Ever Given’s starting port, to the spiritual home of modern nautical navigation, Greenwich, via the Suez Canal. The seething mass of hundreds of cranes and millions of shipping containers on the east coast of China is a bit different from the airy public parks and Restoration-era Royal Observatory. So, a world apart, almost literally.

Five Trends for UK Ports in 2021

If ever there was a year to demonstrate the perils of attempting to predict the future it was 2020. But at UK Major Ports Group we represent a fundamentally optimistic and forward-looking sector so we’re going to throw caution to the wind and gaze steadily into the 2021 crystal ball.

Future Ports Workforce blog

The ‘future ports workforce’? Getting started on a hard question… - It seemed like a simple enough question. What are the future skills needs of the port sector? But - when asked to a round table of HR Directors from port operators - it became clear that the question is anything but simple. Our current experience, and our opening guess, is that we’re increasingly needing to go into new territory for the skills and talent we need. That these territories are more contested – a lot of employers will want people with data skills, for example. And we’ll need to up our game in terms of our proposition to new people and how we develop existing colleagues. That’s a pretty complicated outlook. It’s a vital topic to get a grip on. Technology, processes and ways of working are only as successful as the people designing, directing and operating them.